Plymouth Valiant -66 Turbo 225


-Weight 1270 kg
-Rear wheels 30x12,5-15
-Front hood, fenders and back cover made of fiberglass


-225 slant six
-Power 564hp on the rear wheels,Engine power 649hp
-Bore 3,46" (88mm) , stroke 4,12"(104,6mm)3815ccm
-Forged crankshaft, balanced
-Exhaust home-made
-Cylinder head ported, valve size1,77" and 1,50"(45/38) (Kansiset)
-Pistons VW
-Camshaft, lift 11,55mm ...
-Turbocharger modified Holset HX50 67/77 (LDS-Racing)
-Wastegates 2pcs (Pate Racing)
-Carburettors 3 x 45 Dellorto DHLA turbo
-Fuel pumps 3pcs bosch
-Ignition MSD 6-AL
-Cooler 85 x 55 x 7


-904 with manual mechanism and transbrake
-Turbine munsinger, stallspeed 4500rpm
-Final gear 3,9